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What is a SmartPanel?
A SmartPanel is an all-in-one classroom unit that controls power, volume and four types of media sources:
  • External computer with VGA output
  • External computer with Macintosh
    video output
  • Mounted VHS VCR
  • Auxiliary video input
For information on how to complete a certain task (such as using the VCR),
see the How Do I? section.

old panel Note that some classrooms may feature a slightly older model of the SmartPanel. While the older models are quite similar to the current model featured in this tutorial, they do present some minor differences, as indicated by the 'Older Model' icon.
top of panel
side of panelvcr auxilary video Personal Computer macintosh projector power volume
side of panel video input vga input mac input side of panel
middle of the panel
side of panel audio for auxiliary audio for pc audio for mac side of panel
bottom of the panel


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