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Macintosh Projection

To connect a Macintosh to the SmartPanel, you will need the following items:

 Warning You must connect your Macintosh to the SmartPanel BEFORE turning on your Macintosh. If you turn on your Macintosh prior to connecting it to the SmartPanel, your Macintosh will not send a video output signal to the SmartPanel, and no signal will be projected onto the classroom screen and you need to restart your Macintosh.
Some classrooms are equipped with SmartBoxes, which provide a pull-up shelf on which to place your laptop computer for easy connection to the SmartPanel.

1. Connect your Macintosh to the SmartPanel using the correct male to male monitor cable, and adapter if necessary.
2. Lower the screen to the proper level.
3. If you desire audio (e.g., you are running a CD-ROM with sound or video), connect the audio cables from your Macintosh to the left and right audio jacks, labeled "L" and "R."
4. Turn on the SmartPanel system power.
5. Start up your Macintosh.
6. Adjust your screen resolution, if necessary. If the image appearing on your Macintosh monitor is not projecting onto the screen correctly (e.g., it is cut off, unclear, or not projecting at all), you may need to adjust your monitor's resolution to match that of the projector in your classroom.
7. Make sure the room is properly dimmed.
8. When you are through, disconnect your Macintosh, and turn the SmartPanel power off.

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