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Campus TV Access

Some rooms provide access to Campus TV. Call 725-4357 to determine if the classroom you are using provides access.

 1. Make sure the system power is on.
 2. Lower the screen to the proper level.
 3. Select the VCR by pressing the button under the "VCR" label. The "VCR" label will illuminate blue.
 Press the green button on the panel labeled "VIDEO 1." The button will illuminate.
 4. Press the Power button on the VCR.
 5. Open the flap on the lower left corner of the VCR, and press the Input Select button to switch the VCR to Tuner.
 6. Select the channel you wish to view (Campus TV is channel 51), using the channel up and down buttons on the VCR.
 7. Adjust the volume as needed in the upper right corner of the SmartPanel.
 8. Make sure the room is properly dimmed.
 9. When you are through, turn the VCR off, and turn the SmartPanel power off.

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