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Video Inputs

The Auxiliary Video (or VIDEO/AUX) input accepts any standard composite video signal along with stereo audio, such as the following:

1. Make sure the system power is on.
2. Lower the screen to the proper level.
3. Select video input by pressing the button under the "Auxiliary Video" label. The "Auxiliary Video" label will illuminate blue.
Older Model Press the green button on the panel labeled "VIDEO 1." The button will illuminate.
4. For most applications, you will need to attach a BNC to RCA adapter to the BNC jack on the Auxiliary Video (or VIDEO/AUX) input module.
5. Connect the RCA cable from your video device to the female RCA end of the adapter.
6. Connect the audio cables from your video device to the left and right audio jacks, labeled "L" and "R" on the Auxiliary Video (or VIDEO/AUX) module.
7. Use the feature buttons (e.g., Play, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, and Eject) on your video device to control the desired features.
8. Adjust the volume as needed in the upper right corner of the SmartPanel.
9. Make sure the room is properly dimmed.
10. When you are through, disconnect your video device, and turn the SmartPanel power off.

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